We follow the syllabus formalized by Kannada Academy. The syllabus is divided into 8 steps or semesters, while each semester is a taught in a classroom based environment, it provides the flexibility to the students to accelerate at a pace suitable to them.

The course is suitable for children 5 years or older. The classes for these age groups are 90 mins in length. Both the curriculum and books focus on building interest in learning the language.

In the first 4 levels of this program, there is a good emphasis on learning the script. Most emphasis is placed on learning to speak the language.

In level 5 and 6 of this curriculum, students are expected to read and write poems from a page to 2-3 pages in Kannada and the ability to write in sentences.

  • Level-1: Swara Balla-1

  • Level-2: Swara Balla-2

  • Level-3: Akshara Balla-1

  • Level-4: Akshara Balla-2

  • Level-5: Pada Balla-1

  • Level-6: Pada Balla-2

  • Level-7: Jaana-1

  • Level-8: Jaana-2

Please click to review the course details for each level: Syllabus on Kannada Academy website

Through this course, Kannada Academy also offers certifications

Certification courses from University of Mysore

Kannada Academy offers two certification courses in affiliation with University of Mysore . This course is suitable for children who are in high school and above.

  • Basic Kannada Certificate Course [BKCC]

  • Advanced Kannada Certificate Course [AKCC]

Please click this link to review the course details: Certification link on Kannada Academy website